Releases doesn’t reflect in the public link

I am currently on the business plan and released a version but that version did not reflect on the public link. My recently made modules were also not using the custom URL.

There is a draft release and a publish and release. Can you check which type of release you created?

I published a release, I had to revert my apps and modules back to latest then it reflected. Do the releases also take an amount of time before being reflected or do they reflect immediately?

Not sure. Maybe some information had been cached on the browser. As a sanity check you can always open the link in an Incognito tab or a new browser and see if the changes reflect after a published release.

I tried multiple browsers as a sanity check both incognito and non incognito then it still did not update.

Are the changes supposed to update immediately after release or is there a wait time for it to reflect for public links?