Regenerate columns from CSV parsedValue

Hi all,

To be honest I am surprised the following issue wasn't solved yet.

I have a simple two tab container when on the first tab a user uploads a CSV file to a dropzone component and on the second tab i have a table that should present a preview of the CSV data.
This is in order to enable column mapping on the second tab with the headers of the same CSV data.

I found this unhelpful thread - Triggering regenerate columns for table component with JS - #5 by rixlayer

.refresh() doesn't do the magic and only going into edit mode and clicking regenerate columns does the magic of actually refreshing the table.

This is a very simple use case in my opinion and this prevents a critical action of our business for internal users.

Any assistance will be appreciated.


Hello @Michael_Slabodkin!

Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention, this feature is currently flagged for our engineer team to work on as it does have tons of practical use cases.

The main issue is holding a very large table or multiple tables in frontend state or local storage is very resource intensive.

A potential work around would be to emulate the upload and re-fetch flow used with tables/resources/queries.

This would involve the action of a user uploading a CSV file to fire off a POST Query to a Resource's database, where on success a GET/fetch query would pull in this CSV data to populate a table component, so columns can be mapped correctly to the CSV headers.