Refresh Token Not Being Set in 0auth2 Authentication with API


During development, we are plagued by "jwt_expired" errors when making requests to our API, prompting us to have to go through the reauthentication again and again.

I think this might be due to the "refresh token" seemingly not being set when I investigate the resource definition for our API as shown below.

Our authentication provider is Auth0 (I was unable to get the actual "Auth0" provider to work at all, but using it in the 0Auth flow does work).

Is there a way to tell retool how to "map" the refresh token returned from auth0 to the refresh token it'll need to refresh my access token, as this seems the source of the issue. I followed this forum thread here. oAuth and refresh tokens - #18 by brettski, but the trail went cold.

Thanks for your help.


Hey @Charles0003!

Would you mind sharing more about how you set up OAuth2 for your Auth0 account? It would be helpful to see configurations both from the Retool and Auth0 side of things. If you'd like you can share them here (with sensitive information redacted) otherwise, feel via to reach out via email or DM!