Refresh not working

I am having a problem with deleting records. I have a check box for marking a record for deletion.
The Delete code involves:

  • saving the array back to the table
  • deleting the checked records in the table
  • refreshing the table records back to the array (I use select *)
    I have found that select * seems to bring back the records that were just deleted. I find if I use the "Refresh" button that comes with the table, it behaves properly. Does Select * need to be modified so it does not bring back deleted records?
    I am incuding a screen capture.

Hey @mdsmith1!

It sounds like the select query for your table might be running between when you save the data back to the table and when you delete the records. Do you have an event handler on your delete query that also triggers the select query?

You may also be able to run the delete query without saving your table data by referencing {{ => row.deleteCheckboxColumn) }}