Refresh Auth workflow in Custom Auth stopped working – undefined configuration variables

Hi, we are using Custom Auth on a GraphQL resource, using Stytch as our auth provider. It's been working well until today when the Refresh Auth workflow on the resource stopped working. We didn't make any changes to the resource, things just stopped working with the symptom of our users needing to re-authenticate with the resource repeatedly due to the auth no longer refreshing.

We use configuration variable secrets in our project to store the credentials we need to auth with the Stytch API and after digging in a bit more, it appears that when used in the Refresh Auth workflow, those secrets are undefined when we try to access them via environment.variables in a Javascript step in our workflow. Those same secrets accessed the same way in the Auth workflow come back totally fine – it's only in the Refresh Auth workflow that they are undefined.

Hey Ian,

Thanks for reporting this. We just completed the rollback to revert to previous behavior as we work on a root cause, can you hard refresh any pages you have open and trigger the auth flow or test again to confirm on your side?