Refrence JSON returned from API call to TWILLIO

Brand new here.

  1. How do I reference the JSON that is returned by an API call to Twillio and display that data in a table?

  2. Do I have to create an SQL database connection or can the app populate in a table from the JSON?

Hi @MaddHatter, Welcome to the Retool community. Every query in the Retool return a response, and you can catch that response in the query's transformer. So you can write transformer on your query and read the data from the "data" variable and show it accordingly.

And the second option is directly to bind your query to the table component.

Please have a look at the documentation links.
API Binding

Great question @MaddHatter! Thanks for the assist @TabraizAhmed! Once a query is run, any data that is can be accessed by You can view its contents in the left panel:

Then you can populate the table with that data by using {{}} in the table's Data field in the inspector panel on the right:

The table now uses the query's raw data to populate itself. If you need/want to modify the data in any way before populating the table, you can do what @TabraizAhmed suggests and use a transformer.

Hope this makes it clear for you!