Referencing data from a list view within a query

Hi there!

I'm struggling with referencing data from a list view within a query. I managed to work around the situation, but would love some insights from the community how to solve this challenge.

The goal
Show a dynamic list of images in which every image can be updated separately.

Technical details
First I fetch which types of images are supported. An abbreviated response from the server would look like this:

GET /image/supported-formats
    "code": "any.png"
    "code": "banner.png"
    "code": "square.png"

Based on that response I create a custom list view with the number of rows equal to the length of the supported images.

Here's where I get stuck.
Then I want to fetch the URL on which each image is hosted. To do that, I need to send a request to the server for each image code. I intend to do that by referencing the i variable from the list view in my query as described in the docs.

When I inspect the API request, I see that the i variable can not be resolved when executing the query (/image/code/%7BimageFormatCode%7D). However when I hover over the reference in the query, it seems to know which element I'm referring to.

Any help on how to resolve this would be greatly appreciated!

Note: I did not develop the API and I have limited means to request changes.

I think you can remove the {imageFormatCode} from the GET call as you already have the parameter defined just below it.

Hey @avr!

The i variable will typically resolve when the query is called from an event handler on a component in the listview. If you're trying to run it separately it might be useful to use a pattern like the one described here where you can fetch the URL for each image and then, in your listview, reference something like[i].PATH_TO_URL_HERE.

Could that work for you?
fetch_urls_for_listview (1).json

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