Reference Configuration Variables in Workflows

I can't seem to reference my configuration variables in Workflows python codeblocks. I know that the documentation doesn't say you can actually do this I tried both options and predictably got errors.

I tried both methods
retoolContext not defined

{{ environment.variables.YOUR_VAR_NAME }}
environment not defined

is there a plan to add the ability to reference secrets in workflow code blocks?


Hey @Roei! There aren't specific plans yet but it is a feature that's being tracked, if it gets included we can let you know here :slightly_smiling_face:

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+1 for configuration variables in workflows.

+1 for configuration vars in workflows. Struck the same problem right now, and I'm going to have to duplicate these vars in the workflows, which is very ugh

In some cases, I can reference the configVars I'm interested in via a resource that the workflow uses, but in other cases I can't.

+1 for configuration variables in workflows.

Hey all — thanks for the feedback — we'll be working on getting configuration variables into Workflows this quarter! Excited to share an update here once it's available.



Any update on when this will ship?

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@dmitriy @Kabirdas

Any update on this?

Thanks all for your interest in the feature! We’ll be releasing support for configuration variables in Retool Workflows sometime in the next two weeks. We’ll share another update in this thread then!

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Thanks again for the interest in this feature - we now support referencing configuration variables in Workflows :tada: This is currently available on Retool Cloud. Please let us know if anything comes up for you!

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