Recommended Postgres client for Retool hosted db?

I need to do some light SQL operations on my Retool hosted database that go beyond the filtering capabilities of the built-in database tool. E.g., I need to do some updates using raw SQL.

Is there a recommended 3P or other Postgres client people use for this kind of thing? From other threads it looks like connecting to the hosted instance from third party tools may not be so easy.

When you say "raw" sql - what do you mean?
I use DBeaver(free community edition), and DataGrip and have no prob connecting to my Retool DB from either of those IDEs....

Maybe "raw" wasn't the right term. I just meant SQL that I write myself and execute from the tool.

Since posting the original topic I did stumble over another that explained how to configure PGAdmin credentials, so I was able to connect to PGAdmin, which will serve my needs fine. Here's that topic, for others interested: