Recognize Mobile View in Javascript

I'm using a different input for mobile and desktop views (button group vs. multiselect; each is only visible in their respective views), the results of which are being used in a query. Is there a way to detect whether the app is in mobile or desktop view so I can know which input to pull data from? Thanks in advance!

Hi @liv

The mobile layout is triggered when the width of a user's viewport is 600 pixels or less. Maybe you could reference the viewport properties

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@Tess What are the exact height and width values that trigger the app to be viewed as mobile vs desktop? Is it 600x400?

It should be at 600px wide (docs here). Do you have a mobile view set up already?

Ah thats helpful, yes I have the mobile view set up and figured out some ternary statements to flip things on and off depending on the pixel width of the viewport