Recall data submitted previously in other forms?

Just struggling with a couple of issues so any help would be appreciated. To explain; we are using Retool for time-tracking purposes atm. In our app, we have a tabbed container with a form on each tab - all submitted to the same table in the database. The issue is; when allocating number of hours to a project (component inside form), the user can add as many as they want - we want to restrict to 16 hours. How can we track previous hours submitted by the user so for eg when they are selecting number of hours on tab 3 (etc), they are prompted with 'you have already submitted 16hours on this date'.
Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

I am assuming hours entered in each tab are not submitted to the DB until hours are entered in all tabs, allowing a user to make changes until they are ready to "finalize" by sending to the DB.

One way to check hours/day without sending to the DB would be to create a variable (or variables) that holds hours for each day. When a user enters time in any of the forms, the variable is updated to add/subtract hours based on the change, and then you can refer to that variable when entering data in the next form.

@jg80 Thank you - that worked. Much appreciated!