Read gz files in S3 Bucket

When I tried to read the gz file in S3, I found that the data in the compressed file could not be read. Can anyone help me? I will be very grateful.

Hey @Dewei_Zhang! You'll need to decompress the files before being able to use them in Retool :pensive: I filed a feature request for this and linked it to this ticket so we can update you going forward!

Thanks sincerely for you reply, Victoria! Yes, I decompressed the files in S3. But I have a new problem. How can I reach the s3 file by JS Query? Since I would like to reach a lot of files in one specific folder.

Oh, great! Glad to hear it. For running multiple queries in a row, would something like this work for you? :slight_smile:

Let me know!

Hi Team, any update here or any way to use the s3 retool resource authentication through js or python?

Hi @Tom_Keane! To clarify, you'd like to be able to authenticate your S3 Resource using JS or Python? Would you mind sharing a bit more about your use case here?