React to topics from first time posters with πŸ‘‹

:wave: It'd be nice to have an emoji to react with for posts from new users so their first post sends them notifications showing people are stopping by to read it and to give a friendly welcome. every now and then I see topics that went unanswered but not un-viewed and unless the OP navigates around to check the view count or someone left a less 'generic' emoji to show interest or support they can get impatient and feel ignored. the emojis currently available have a purpose or generally accepted meaning (like 'OH THATS FIRE!!' or 'BUMP' :rofl: ) behind them with non of them being for a general acknowledgement of the poster and/or their issue. if the emoji could be restricted to only being used on a persons first post it would prevent over usage/spam and it's a nice way to get more activity going in new accounts by encouraging engagement with a notification. thanks for reading :smile:


just linking to an example of where they'd be useful :beers:

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Great idea, @bobthebear! The wave is now official. :wave::sunglasses: