Re-using your existing code with Retool by triggering events

I just finished up writing this guide on how to run complex code that may already be written in your main product's codebase easily from Retool.

From my experience building internal tools at Buffer, often there are tons of tricky things that customer support folks have to do that require complex scripts (re-imports, backfills, data fixes) and that required communicating with third party APIs and whatnot that we couldn't just do with SQL. We always had to build one-off pages for our support team to trigger things like re-running a backfill from a third party API (ex. Instagram analytics data), run a data migration or flushing a cache key.

I decide to write up a guide on how to take some existing code you might have written and trigger it to run directly from a Retool button or form. Would love to hear what you all think!