Radio Button Symmetry

Hi - I know this is silly, but it caught my eye yesterday, and I can't stop seeing it now.


Basically, the radio button, when selected, is not symmetrical. It's only off by one pixel - but oddly enough, which direction is shifting.

I assume this is because of the screen resolution and handling. Obviously, I would love a straight-up fix, but if it can't be fixed to always be centered, it would be good to at least always be off-center in the same direction. Selecting buttons one after the other makes it somehow very noticeable.

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oh bummer, now I can't stop seeing it :rofl: :joy:. it's like a crazy eye :crazy_face:. you might wanna add the 'bug' tag also by the way, there's no way that's intentional

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Hello @Chris_Doty thanks for the find!

Sharp eye, will report this bug to our eng team. Let's see what our front end devs are mode of :thinking:

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