Question about granular permission

Hi Retool community,

I would like to create restricted user account who can only access to an app in end-user mode only staging environment, not production mode.

With granular permissions, can I set such permissions to users?

Hi @nakamura! I don’t think this is possible unfortunately, the current setup is something of an inverse of this: only users with edit permission on an app are able to open it in staging mode through the toggle.

A somewhat hacky approach could be inverting these credentials, so that your “staging” pointed to production and vise versa

There is also a url query parameter that you can add to an app url of _environment=staging to open the app in staging mode, and another of _embed=true that you could add to hide the navigation UI but still prompt login. If those two were combined (?_embed=true&_environment=staging) and the app was embedded on a page, you could share that link with users for testing while still prompting them to log in with their account!

Long term, I agree we should support adding staging vs production level permissions as part of granular permissions as well


Any updates here? Just encountered this need as well. There is a certain part of the dev team that needs access just to staging, while the ops team needs access to staging and prod.

I also have a request for this, where the editor of retool should only be able to access staging, so that they can make changes to our system, without access to production data.