Querying Google Sheets

I am querying a Google Sheet by shipping date. I am also using a TOP 10 in the SELECT statement and trying to ORDER BY shipping DESC so I basically have the last ten orders shipped. For some reason, it is seeing 9/2022 as greater than 10/2022 or 11/2022 and therefore I am getting the true last 10 orders. Is there a way to fix this either in Google Sheets or in my query?

Hello @tomm,

Do you have your Shipping "Column Type" set to date?

Also, did you set the "mapped value" to {{self}} ?

hi @tomm. It looks like you are building a fulfilment system of some kind. We are currently build a solution, where we are providing APIs for this specific use case. Would you be open to jump on a short call to talk about your use case? Kind regards, Akio