QueryBuilder: add "LIKE"/"NOT LIKE" operators

Would be great to have the sql “LIKE/ILIKE” and “NOT LIKE/ILIKE” operators in the query builder operator-dropdown as it is very useful and sometimes necessary. Currently for strings it only provides the “=”/"!=" operator.
BTW, the “!=” operator doesn’t work for sql, where the “<>” is used. As a workaround one has to replace the asSql string first.
In general, the idea of that component is great, but needs some polishing. E.g. reordering groups/rules would be handy. Also a JS helper function to directly apply the filters to a JSON array would be helpful, so that it could be applied within a transformer.

Hey @Rafael! You are certainly correct - the query builder component could use some serious love. I’ll jot down these details for when we get a chance to improve it. Thanks for the post!

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Any update here?

Not yet @rkaplan, sorry :confused: