QueryBuilder: add "LIKE"/"NOT LIKE" operators

Would be great to have the sql “LIKE/ILIKE” and “NOT LIKE/ILIKE” operators in the query builder operator-dropdown as it is very useful and sometimes necessary. Currently for strings it only provides the “=”/"!=" operator.
BTW, the “!=” operator doesn’t work for sql, where the “<>” is used. As a workaround one has to replace the asSql string first.
In general, the idea of that component is great, but needs some polishing. E.g. reordering groups/rules would be handy. Also a JS helper function to directly apply the filters to a JSON array would be helpful, so that it could be applied within a transformer.

Hey @Rafael! You are certainly correct - the query builder component could use some serious love. I’ll jot down these details for when we get a chance to improve it. Thanks for the post!

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Any update here?

Not yet @rkaplan, sorry :confused:

Is this feature on the roadmap?

Hey @Agustin_Luques!

The LIKE operator should already be supported:

NOT LIKE isn't supported yet. There is an internal feature request for allowing people to negate rules generally, there's no timeline for it right now but we can let you know here when that's possible!