Query that uses Textbox.value

I want my textbox input value of cleveland to control query parameter. I'm seeing the .value when I mouse over, but the query is not using the value in the textbox as the parameter. How can I make this work?

Is the whereFrom field a textInput field or something else?
This should work usually but wondering if you need ' and ' around the '{{parameter.value}} though this should not be the case....

It is a text input field. The text input field will show the .value:cleveland, but the query searchAirportwhereFrom will not use the input as a parameter value.

Can you provide more information as in what does the API Request look like, more code, etc.?

"request": {
"url": "https://sky-scrapper.p.rapidapi.com/api/v1/flights/searchAirport/?query=%2Fundefined",
"method": "GET",
"body": "{"id":"","skyId":"","entityId":"","presentation":"","navigation":""}",
"headers": {
"Content-Type": "application/json",
"User-Agent": "Retool/2.0 (+https://docs.tryretool.com/docs/apis)",
"X-RapidAPI-Key": "---sanitized---",
"X-RapidAPI-Host": "sky-scrapper.p.rapidapi.com",
"ot-baggage-requestId": "undefined",
"x-datadog-trace-id": "5263134724966469159",
"x-datadog-parent-id": "9183128237114438981",
"x-datadog-sampling-priority": "-1",
"traceparent": "00-0000000000000000490a6925a6a64e27-7f71067a3410b545-00",
"tracestate": "dd=s:-1",
"X-Retool-Forwarded-For": ""
"response": {
"data": {
"status": true,
"timestamp": 1700926556970,
"data": []
"headers": {
"date": "Sat, 25 Nov 2023 15:35:57 GMT",
"content-type": "application/json; charset=utf-8",
"content-length": "51",
"connection": "close",
"etag": "W/"33-ranfcESnXRgn/rFoyvf62HXqJ/0"",
"x-powered-by": "Express",
"x-ratelimit-requests-limit": "30000",
"x-ratelimit-requests-remaining": "29555",
"x-ratelimit-requests-reset": "2422232",
"server": "RapidAPI-1.2.8",
"x-rapidapi-version": "1.2.8",
"x-rapidapi-region": "AWS - us-west-2"
"status": 200,
"statusText": "OK"

I can tell that I'm not getting the data[] from the API request. It asks for a parameter and I added a parameter variable into my query library. I'm figuring that if I just add a textbox input linking it to the parameter value it will use it for the the parameter value. From the rapidapi if I just type in the parameter I get all the data.

How have you set up the query in the GUI?
Can you share a larger screen shot with the complete configuration?

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I haven't. I'm hoping not to create a table or store in table.

Sorry, I am only asking for a screenshot of the complete GUI configuration of the API you are trying to run

sorry that was the wrong query. It's updated now.

Does this screenshot help? If I type the variable, the data will load in the library.

Thanks for putting my nose in it. I had the variable named wrong. I was trying to link the variable with the textbox input component before actually naming the variable. ugh smh. Thanks again

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All good - happens to everyone!