Query successful, but table not populating with data?


I have a query that makes a GET request to our API. I am using this query to get data to populate a table. The request completes successfully, and I am able to see that the data property has the expected data, but the table is not populating. What am I missing?

It's possible the data needs to be formatted as an Object?
Enable Transformer in the same window where your query is written and
return formatDataAsObject(data)

Or you can try wrapping {{getStockSymbols.data}} in [ ] like

Difficult to give you the right answer without seeing the actual query response...

Thanks for the quick response @ScottR!!

The query response looks like an array of objects.

When I tried wrapping it in an array the page timed out, and formatting the data as an object with a transformer worked initially, but when I filter the data and remove the filters the table fails to populate again even though I see the data is there

Are you filtering directly in the table itself or in some other way? What does the table look like before filtering and after filtering?

I am filtering the table indirectly. I have a text input that has "on change" event handlers. One to add a filter based on the column "symbol" or "name", and another that clears the filters if the input field is empty. I also added an on change event handler to call the getStockSymbols query in attempt to re-populate the table, but to no avail...

OK all of those event handlers will fire based on Only run when... I suspect one of them is breaking the table or the events are firing all at once... I would test each Event handler one at a time to see where the problem exists. - I have never used that functionality before so I can't suggest if the filter itself is correct or not.. sorry

Thanks for your help! I think I'll rely on the filtering functionality on the table component itself instead.

Please post if you find the solution....good luck

I have the same issue, does anyone knows how to solve it?