Query result data gone after tab switch


In one of my apps I query various resources to get data and everything is being shown properly. But when the user moves to a different tab to check something and returns back to the Retool tab, then the data is gone and all fields are empty again and you'll have to run the queries again. I can't replicate it on my computer and it happens to various users and on Edge, Chrome and Firefox, so this seems to be an issue related to Retool.
Does anyone have experienced the same issue? And how to resolve this as it is quite annoying.

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Hi @mbruijnpff I'm looking into this! :thinking:

I haven't found any similar reports yet, but, if possible, it would be helpful to see a screenshot of the state when this happens. For example, do the component's states indicate that a value is there even though it's not shown visually in the app?

I'd also be curious if theres any browser console errors when this happens!