Query postgres with filter multiselect input

hi i got a multiselect input, i would like to add as a filter on my postgres db

( {{ ! multiselect1.value }}
OR c.ubicacion = ANY({{ multiselect1.value }})

i tried this but not working it gives me zero results.

what im missing? thank you

Hi @agaitan026, happy to help! :slightly_smiling_face:
The part of the query you shared looks great in order to show all data when the multiselect filter is not in use and all that matches if there is a selection. Could you share what is before the AND statement? I wonder if the issue may be happening in the statement before this one.

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i fixed by using this code

  AND (
    {{acreedor.value.length === 0}}
    OR c.acreedor = ANY ({{ acreedor.value }})