Query on app doesn't work (OAuth2)

I'm in charge of IT and I'm encountering a problem with Retool.
In January, I set up OAuth2 for an API with Retool and everything worked perfectly.

However, today it stopped working for no apparent reason.
The API that I'm consuming hasn't changed, and when I test it with Postman, it works just fine.

I've even configured the "auth verification endpoint" and it's returning a 2xx code.
However, when I use the app I created, I get an authentication error.

  "Message": "The authorization credentials are not valid",
  "Type": "invalid_credentials",
  "Id": "ididididididiidididididididididididid",
  "Date": 1710240787,
  "errors": null

Can you help me?

Welcome to the forum! :sparkles:

Are you seeing a 2xx when you click "Check authentication status using current credentials"?

Another debugging step you can try is previewing a query to the resource in edit mode, clicking the API Request tab and checking what the value of Authorization is under headers.

I looked into the mangopay docs and it's possible that your credentials have expired. See #3 under How to generate a token in the Mangopay documentation.

Hope that helps! :+1: