"Query JSON with SQL" throws no error when column doesn't exist

I find "Query JSON with SQL" very useful and I am making extensive use of it.
But one of the main issues "Query JSON with SQL" has is that querying a column that does not exist and/or using a column that does not exist in the where-clause, throws no error.
Can this be improved? It would make things much easier, at the moment, any small typo in column names will lead to successful executed queries which is very dangerous.

I can see from AlaSQL/alasql on GitHub that it seems like they did implement some sort of error message when the column does not exist. But seems Retool doesn't forward this message or works somehow differently.
Better Error Messages · Issue #640 · AlaSQL/alasql (github.com)

Here the example that I have tested that doesn't throw any error message even both column doesn't exist in the underlying table:

select asdadex
{{ query206.data }}
where abc = 'x'

select 'asdad' as asdad

Hey @Reboon, happy to help!

I just tested querying a column that didn't exist and I didn't receive an error:

Could you share the error message you are seeing on your end?

@Jay that's exactly my problem. I don't receive any error either. But I would expect from Retool that it throws an error if the column does not exist.

Ahhh, I see, thanks for making that request!