Query Firebase collection based on value for rows


I am trying to build a dashboard for my company.

I have two collections. One with users and the other with video records.

In a table, I am displaying all users. I would like to have a column in the table which will show number of the videos based on user ID. In the video record collection I keep all the videos and every video has a user_ref field.

Is there any way to do it?

Hey @Jakub_Sledz!

This sounds very possible, the best way to do it may largely depend on the type of resource you're using for both collections.

A fairly general method is to use a separate Query JSON with SQL query as the data source for your table. With that, you can reference the results of your user and video queries and doing a SQL join on the two datasets.

If you rather join the data using JavaScript then having a JS query as the data source for your table is also an option.

What are you most comfortable building with? And would you be up for sharing more about where your data is stored?