Query don't set value


I have a two resources and the first call the second, but when this happen, the second query don't work property.

Don't set the value on the field key, when I use the editor and fill the form, the query parse correctly, and click on "run" and works, but when use a form submit don't work.

Somebody can help me with this?

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Can you share some more information such as what each query is supposed to accomplish and also add some screenshots? Does query 2 execute after query 1? What is the order of operations, etc.?


yes, the submit event call to the first query to make operation on db and then call the second query and use same vars as first.

I thing it's a problem with scope(?
Like, when resource a call b, the resource b can't access to vars from form(?

Right now I fix it calling resources from submit event, not call from resource a to b and this work, but don't if call b on resource a success trigger.

resource a

resource b

Hey @osirisfrik! Happy to help with this :slight_smile:

To clarify, is your form component clearing after you run the query a?