Query blocks timeout on Snowflake stored procedures

Hi Team,
I have a query block in a workflow which executes a stored procedure from snowflake.
The Query blocks have max timeout of 10min. But my stored procedure takes at-least 30 min to return some values, which will be used by the next query blocks.
How to solve this ? Any help is really appreciated.

Hi @Bose_28 and welcome to the forums.

One approach would be to have your stored procedure return the data to a (temporary) table and then have a second workflow go in and pickup from there (could delete the temp table in that workflow if it shouldn't be persisted). You would need to think through the process of how you pass the starting conditions to the second workflow (assuming they would be required) and how you trigger the workflow to run 31 minutes later (or poll the database for some flag that says to run the second workflow).

I was thinking maybe you put in placeholder wait blocks in the workflow, but I don't know if you can keep a workflow alive that long...there is an upper limit for overall workflow timeout, but I can't recall what it is.