Queries Disappeared when I refreshed


Hey, I was using retool today, i didn't change anything in the query i just refreshed my page and 3 queries disappeared and I got my old version of the queries. I did lots of change on the 16th of august but now they all went to nothing i have to re-write them cause the backup now show's only today's change that were done from the bug... May someone help me out with this issue? or should i re-write the queries??

Hi, you can choice your history version here

Or you can try this to retrive your history version using url parameter.

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I did not do any update... when i refreshed and saw all my pervious queries gone i did the restore, it worked then 2 min later retool throws me out and i refresh i see all these changes with my lost data... I used more than 2 hours just writing the query and it was from wednsday... I do not think I'll be able to re-write the same one... And why did this happen? and should i always keep a backup??

hi pls try the different offset to see if it work. There are some users reported this problem

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