Put request https error


I am trying to issue a PUT request to and endpoint but I am getting a message 'message:"Protocol "http:" not supported. Expected "https:”’. The resource I am trying to use is pointing to an https address, so I am slightly confused on why this behavior is happening. I believe this message is consisting with a nodejs error when one uses the http methods instead of the https. Is it possible that the backed is using the wrong method?

Thanks in advance

Hello, is there any insights or any way I can unblock myself with this? This is blocking us from releasing a feature.

Hey @felipe-topsort! Happy to help take a look here. Can you share screenshots of the query and resource setup?

Hi @felipe-topsort: do you use any proxy for your requests? Seconding @joeBumbaca that if you can share the resource & the query set up, it'll help us investigating.