Public behaving differently than user version, not sure how to debug

Hello! This is probably super simple and I'm just missing something, grateful if you can help to point me in the right direction.

When I look at developer or user mode of my app when I'm logged into Retool things are working well, even when resetting the app state. When I use the public link it seems one of the queries I've had run on page load isn't loading, but I can't see the debug so I'm not sure what is going on.

Any idea how to debug this one?

Many thanks!

Hello @rstrauss ,

Thank you for your question.

To diagnose your issue, you can start by examining your network logs while you interact with the public version of your app. Use your browser's developer tools (right-click on the page > Inspect > Network tab) to watch the network traffic and check if there are any discrepancies or errors occurring when you're not logged in.

Also, make sure to inspect the Console tab in the Developer Console for any load errors. It's essential to know that Retool doesn't support viewing a debug console in a published or public app mode, so try to reproduce the issue in the editor mode where you have access to these tools.

Double-check the permissions settings on the query which is failing, as it might need the correct permissions for public context. Furthermore, ensure that your query is set to run on page load by opening the query and checking the checkbox marked "Always run when page loads".

For more information, put a transformer after the query in question and do a simple console.log to log the results. This can help you to check if the query is running as expected.