Public app page with custom url stopped working

Hi all,

I developed an app in Retool with custom domain and custom url shared to the public, which was working up to today. I was able to access my app at Now, I get "Page not found. The page you have requested cannot be found. Please check your URL and try again.". On the other hand, I still can access the page via (retool domain) and (no custom url).

Hey Hamilton!

I'm one of the engineers who works on these features. I'm seeing the same and am working on a fix. Should be resolved soon. Thanks for reporting it!

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We've pushed a fix for this to cloud, and my testing on our own infrastructure shows it as working well. Please let me know if you're still seeing it and thanks again for reporting it!

Hi Luke, thanks for getting back. I am still having the same problem: getting the "Page not found" message when accessing the public page in a custom domain / custom url composition.