Provide user level permissions to publish apps


Currently we are on self-hosted Business plan for Retool.

We want to provide the user level permission for publishing the applications. We want to provide the permission to publish the apps to specific users.

This is very critical for our organization to have the user level permissions to publish applications.

Also providing the reference of old ticket for this feature request.

If feature is not present please let us know if there is any workaround?

Thank you
Gaurav Wagh

@Gaurav_Wagh thanks for asking about this -- I see my colleague also replied over email, but to close the loop here: At this time, there have not been any updates for this feature request. I don't know of workarounds, since anyone with editor permissions will have the ability to publish releases.

We’ve added your interest to the internal request which should get new eyes on it from our product team. If there are any updates we can share on this thread or the existing thread you mentioned to share any news on the forum :pray: Thanks again for sharing how useful this feature would be for you. We'll update you with anything new.

One "workaround" could be using Source Control to review the work of editors before publishing/updating, though I know it's not exactly the same. Noting that Source Control also requires the Enterprise plan which I realize won't work for everyone (each of the docs under the linked page has the 'enterprise' label up top).