Protected resources beta different environments


We are currently running 2 separate instances of Retool for our QA and Production environments.

I am looking into using the new beta feature protected resources, but I cannot see how to configure the different credentials for the different environments.

I was looking at the new multiple environments feature, but there is no way to change the default environment for our QA instance. I don't want to rely on users manually switching to the QA env.

I tried changing the RETOOL_ENV="production" and NODE_ENV="production" environment variables on the container, but that had no effect.

Is there a way of configuring this?

Thank you!

Hey @bbedrin!

The first thing that comes to might here is to use RETOOL_EXPOSED environment variables to manage the credentials for each environment. Is that something you've already explored?

Our team is looking into improving the interface for setting environment-specific variables as well which should make this process easier. I can let you know here when that becomes available!

Hi @Kabirdas,

No, I didn’t look at that as that would require redeployment every time we needed to add new resource connection environment variable.

Right now we have about 15 different resources between our 10 current apps, but as we expand to new teams, that could grow up to over 100+. That would be a lot of data to manage.

The current implementation works were we make sure the QA and Prod resources have the same name.

We’ll continue to keep an eye out for updates to the protected resources beta.

Thank you!