Processing attachments into DB from emails

Hi All, I wanted to ask the community if there's a way to read an inbox for emails (usually reports that are getting to the inbox) download the attachments (usually CSVs) and process them into a DB?

Thank you in advance for any help here.

Hey @Sharon_Leon!

I think this likely depends on the email provider you're using and if they have an API available that lets you fetch messages. For instance, it looks like Gmail has an API that might support what you're looking to do (docs).

Retool lets you connect to pretty much any REST API (more docs!). Once you have your data you can transform it as needed using some JavaScript (docs) and then pass it along to your DB using one of Retool's integrations.

If you can share specifics about the email and db services you're using we can try and provide more specific information! Also definitely ask if the docs raise any questions or you run into any trouble setting things up :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for the answer @Kabirdas , I will check what you suggested