Problem with table not "loading"

Hi there,

I'm experiencing loading problems with tables. This has been for about a week. I thought it might be a performance issue and it might go away but it hasn't.

ObjectID, Event number, and Status should have labels (not numbers). And the frist row has currency symbols correctly but the reamining rows have "XXX" instead?

Grateful for any help with this.



Hi @jclutterbuck,
This is a known bug on our side that our dev team is looking into. I've linked your post to the internal ticket and will follow up here with updates. Thank you! For getting unblocked, I'll see if there's any workaround for the labels as numbers on Tag column, and can you write a column Mapper function for formatting currency rather than column data type currency to avoid XXX ?

Hi @Amanda

Any news on this?

I am experiencing some improvement, but not perfect yet. I had a workaround where I have a button than runs the queries that populate the columns in question and this seems to work in my use cases. Seems like the table isn't running the queries itself.


Hi Jeremy, there have been some improvements made to performance lately. If I can have your permission to look into your app (I can get the URL from your screenshot), then I can look more deeply into what's special about your data or app logic that could be a factor here since I'm not able to reproduce otherwise.

Permission granted.



Jeremy, I created a copy of your app for testing, and with and without the Mapped values I see the correct currency formatting. Is the issue still that you are seeing XXX? Can you share what browser and version you running this with? Perhaps try updating to the latest?

Dear @Amanda

Thanks. You're absolutely right this issue does seem to be fixed now.

Thanks again,


Jeremy, I'm really glad to hear you're not experiencing the issue anymore. Let us know if there's anything else we can help with!