Problem with Custom Component and ADOBE PDF embed API



I am very new to custom components but I have followed this to embed the adobe PDF API:

When uploading a PDF file, It seems to work as the PDF is shown in the custom component. The problem is it is only shown for about 1 seconds and then the entire thing greys out and I can only see a scroller in the custom component.

So it seems the pdf is correctly loaded into the custom component, but then for some reason dissapears again. I do not get any errors, and it seems it is still registering the pdf just not showing it, given the scroller is still there. The scroller dissapears if I force an error.

Any help would be greatly appreciated :blush:

Just to give some more context. I did not make any changes to the app provided by @Kabirdas

The code for Model:
"pdf_base64": {{uploaded_pdf.value}},
"pdf_name": {{pdf_uploader.files[0]?.name || "url"}},
"client_id": {{textInput2.value}}

And I do have a API key from Adobe.

It also seems that the buttons in the app "Rotate" and "Download" will rotate the pdf, and then afterwards I can download the rotated PDF. I just cannot see it in the component. -- Please check the solution in this post if having issues with the Adobe PDF API


But I have already read this post and it does not appear to address the issue I’m having. As mentioned the API, app and component seems to work fine, but for some reason it disappears again after load.

Meant to suggest the work around the post recommended. Not able to reproduce this issue - will take it back to the team for further feature development.

Alright, I’ll see if I can find a work around that works for me :blush: thanks!