Primary Key while Inserting into mySQL tables

Hi, I have a very specific question on how to create the right bulk insert query that can help me insert the data from a multiselect box into mySQL.

Context: Assuming I have a single row of data currently in a mySQL table but the relationship between the document_id and name column (document_id 1: name ABC) is wrong. Then if
the right relationship is meant to be (document_id 1: name BCD, CDE, DEF), I would like to insert 3 new rows into the mySQL table after users select these values in the multiselect box.

However, I would like to keep the PK for one of the rows as the initial primary key, i.e. A. and have new primary keys for any other rows (if it exists), i.e. B and C in this case. My primary key in the table is a composite key between id and date.

Hi @et_retool! Do you want to update A from document_id: 1 & name: ABC to document_id: 1 & name: BCD & then insert rows B & C as new records?