Prevent multiple form submissions for a given table row


I'm currently building an app that will handle application scoring. As of now, I have the following table where graders can enter their ID to view the application of the students they are assigned to (disregard the completed column for now). To view an individual student's application, graders can select a row in the table corresponding to the student application they want to grade.

Graders then can use a form to select scores for each question on the application and submit. Submitting runs a query that adds a row to a Google Sheet. If possible, Ing'd like to disable the submit button after running this query, but only for the specific row in the table. This way, graders can still submit scores for students they have graded but not for ones they've already graded.

I've tried using event handlers to disable the submit button and in turn enable an update button that simply modifies the data, but it seems like this carries over from row to row even when a grader hasn't submitted scores for that specific row/student. I've also tried adding an event handler that resets the buttons upon changing rows, but this allows graders to submit multiple times as long as they change rows and come back.


I assume you have a column in the database that indicates whether the form has been submitted?

Use that field to enable/disable the grading form or its submit:

You can use the same technique to show a Text component on the form when the grading in complete to make it easier for the grader to see it's done.

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Didn't have a column for that — added it for each grader and got it working. Thanks!

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