Prevent Accidental App Deletion / Delete Protection for Apps

Hi Team ReTool,

I'm writing to request a new feature that would help prevent accidental app deletion.

Recently, while my team was collaborating on apps, a member mistakenly deleted an app in production use by our partners. Unfortunately, due to the custom link, the app became inaccessible after deletion.

To mitigate this risk in the future, I propose a feature that allows us to lock specific apps from direct deletion. This functionality would be similar to domain protection, where a domain cannot be transferred or deleted until protection is disabled.

Implementing this feature would significantly improve the workflow and prevent accidental disruptions for people using it in production.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Hi @shyambh, were you able to recover your app and the custom url?
We created the FR internally, just want to make sure everything has been restored on your end.

Hi @Paulo , Yes we eventually did recover and set the same custom url again. But having this small feature of locking the app from deletion would be saviour at such times.

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Definitely! We'll let you know when we get updates from our devs. :slightly_smiling_face: