Possible Bug In List View

Hey, I have built a fully functional app in the main web view editor which contains some of the new style List Views. Now the app is complete I have gone through all my components and checked the box to "show on mobile". Now, all of the components in the list views visually show up however all of my code logic that works perfectly in the web view is completely broken on the mobile viewport because its saying that none of the components I am referencing in the code are "defined"... so say for example I have a button and a text box inside a list view. the button press increases or decreases the number value inside the text box. mega simple. however the Run Script event handler is broken because the text box is no longer defined. As soon as I switch back to web view all works perfectly... Any help would be hugely appreciated as this is app is currently unable to be released for use until I get this mobile view working!?

Hi! Thank you so much for reporting this bug.

Could you share a JSON export of your application so I can try to reproduce locally?