Populate one table based on the row selected of another table

So previously, before the new updates in retool I could do this query:
TableName: "table_name,
KeyConditionExpression: "1_id = :a AND begins_with(type_id, :b)",
ExpressionAttributeValues: {
":a" : "{{localStorage.values.get_id}}",
":b" : {{
(s) => {
return s.slice(0, 4) + "/" + s.slice(4, 6) + "/" + s.slice(6, 8);
So what this query does is to have results from the row selected of the table 1. But the weird is that when I use the old table I don't get any problem. Can someone help me please?

anyone can check on this please?

Hey @Sofia_Moreira, might be worth looking into the state value for table1.selectedRow.
I don't have much context of how the data on your table looks, or where you're using the query but I'm taking a guess that you might want to use table1.selectedRow.date.toString() skipping the .data.


Agreed :blush: For the new table, the property to access the changed from table1.selectedRow.data on the legacy table to just table1.selectedRow. Hope that resolves it!