PLUGIN API localhost


I would like to know if the platform has a plugin in the CLIENT layer where I can make a REST request in the localhost domain.

That's right, localhost, I'll explain why. I think you may have seen desktop apps authenticating on the web page and returning a token to the local app… that's about it. We have REST API that run on the client's local machine and we need to make a web app that makes calls to that api locally.

Here in our development it works but we are looking for a lowcode tool where we can make other implementations that don't take time from the dev team.


Hello there!

Great question!

You would need to use the docker.internal hostname to bridge out of the container and access the local network.

In the resource setup, if you use localhost it will reference the local network on the container, so you will need an address that bridges to the local network, which in most cases is docker.internal but it varies slightly between OS.

Happy to answer any further questions you might have!