Placeholder for loading images

Right now I have an app where when a custom collection list is displayed, it will show all data except for the image that's still being loaded. I use the file id and retool storage. It's displaying just a grey empty background when it's not fully loaded yet or when it can't be loaded. Is there a method where there is a loading indicator or animated placeholder or just a plain placeholder?

When the entry doesn't have an image id set, i can display a placeholder image instead like this:

{{item.image ? item.image : '5e9cf38b-6b7a-44f0-86e0-5f5b7d714fa7'}}

But this doesn't work for not loaded or missing images. See the third entry below:

Screenshot 2024-05-09 at 19.04.00

There is no placeholder. Because there is an file id but the file is missing.

We have a feature request to add this! I'll let you know if it ships