Phantom space in table view

Strange stuff is afoot.

Here's the output from my query (note the absence of spaces within 'T99'):


Here's the same data displayed in an onscreen table:


Where did the spaces come from????

Here's the settings for the Terr' column:

I tried setting it to text format instead of tag and the space is still there!

I need to sort this because I'm doing some dynamic content filtering and am auto-populating a selection component from the data table, and of course there are no spaces in the data.

Apologies for the excessive use of ??? and !!! but this one has me stumped.

Many thanks in advance, as always...


I have no idea where the "mapped value" setting came from, but its gone now!

Five minutes more digging and I wouldn't have bothered you all - ho hum.

Just to chime in on this.

When you set certain data to a column in a table the Mapped Value sometimes decides that the item needs to be mapped as _.startCase(item)

I don't know when it gets decided, but it seems to be on elements that default to a Tag type

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Hey thanks for that. I was sure that I hadn't done the damage in my sleep. My faith in my sanity is restored (for now at least). :sweat_smile:

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