Periodick background process

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Is there a way to execute a custom script periodically in the background of a mobile app? Ideally, I would like the mobile app to send the gps device location to a custom endpoint every minute.

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Hi @Pablo_martinez Thanks for reaching out!

Automatic queries have the option to be triggered every x milliseconds:

Would this work for you? Would you be triggering a rest query?


Discussed this a few days ago with @donaldhruska for a possible use case for us. This would probably only work if the app is open and the mobile device active/not in sleep/standby.

Hi @mbruijnpff thanks for chiming in; that's true! App queries won't trigger if the user doesn't have the app open.

The solution to triggering queries regardless of whether the user is actively using the app is Workflows, which can be triggered from an app or on a schedule. Is that something you considered? It sounds like you're maybe looking for something between our current workflows product & app queries :thinking:

Apologies! I just synced with @donaldhruska :slightly_smiling_face: I didn't realize this earlier, but it sounds like we're exploring an enterprise feature for background location tracking for Android users that would write the user's location to a file (and could be accessed programmatically) every few seconds.

It would work when the app is not active too, so it sounds like this would solve the gaps between workflows & periodic queries for this use case. :white_check_mark:

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+1 for this

Looking for this exact feature - offline GPS tracking.


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Hi Tess, are you able to provide me with more information on how to implement this? eg what is involved with becoming an enterprise user?

I would love to implement this into my application.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi @Nic_Morley I personally don't have a ton of info on the Enterprise plans, but our sales team can help! You can book a demo here to connect with them

I'm currently on the business plan - but would love to test this functionality as well! Is an enterprise demo the best way forward?



Hi Matt!

Yes, since it's only an Enterprise feature currently, scheduling a demo is the best next step to try it out

Is this still an enterprise only feature? I would really love to use this - but the cost for enterprise is extreme for only this capability.



Yes, this is still an Enterprise feature for white-label apps :disappointed: