Performance of upload file

Uploading of a 700 KB file(pdf/jpeg) is taking around 6 sec which is too long as per me.
Any suggestion how can we make it faster?

Hi @Pawan_Prajapati

Is the longer wait time happening on a resource upload query? If so, which resource type?

Resource is a API endpoint

Thanks, @Pawan_Prajapati!

Hmm can you share a screenshot of the query tooltip data?

Query runtime statistics are available on hover after the query has run

Yes Sure,

The problem is when i am trying to hit this end point via postman, its nearly taking 1 sec.

Please suggest if anything can be done here, or the probable reason for this.

Hi @Pawan_Prajapati,

Thanks for sharing! It looks like the longer time is around the execute resource & transfer data sections.

Network latency between Retool and the resource, along with the time taken by the resource to perform the request, can impact the time taken here. One thing to be mindful of is where your data is hosted, as described in this post, the location can have a decent impact on query performance. Transfer data is dependent on the resource (size of data) and location (bandwidth, latency). We are currently rolling out the Europe infrastructure, which could potentially help a little bit if you're not in the US.

Is it only this one query (uploadnda) that is impacted? Any chance I can log in to your account to take a look?