Performance Issues with Retool RPC

Hi all - we're experiencing some unexpected performance issues when building our property management dashboard with RPC.

Basic queries are really slow. What are our options here?
Screenshot 2024-05-03 at 1.25.59 PM

Retool RPC

I'm convinced that Retool RPC is the bottleneck because these queries (as posted by @briwong) are resolved within half a second on the server.

Hi there,

Our on call engineers investigated an issue with an uptick in 500 errors on RPC queries on May 2nd, but we were able to resolve it later that day. They're also planning to make some improvements so that issue doesn't happen again in the future.

However, slow queries seems like it could be a different issue, especially if it's still happening. About how many records are you querying in these queries? What does it say in the performance popover menu?