Performance issues /slow app, since 1-2 weeks and since new Resource connection (Postgresql, aws)


I've build an application and connected it with the Retool Database. Due to EU Law and GDPR issues, we had to use an external Database. We created a Database PostgreSQL/AWS. Ever since, the application and workflows slowed down tremendously.

  1. There is a workflow that runs every morning and inserts some data (+/- 150 rows) in a simple database with 10 columns. When I used the Retool Database this took about 1-2 second. Now it can take 44 seconds to finish the flow.

  2. When I select a row in the application and change one value in one column of the table, this would take 0.05s previously and now takes up to 3-4 seconds.

Also when starting the application, it takes longer then before.

I am trying to figure out why this happened, and what I can do to improve performance. Any suggestions? :pray: