Performance API calls


With saas version of retool we are experiencing a major difference in request performance. For example, making a get request to my API (which I added as a resource) endpoint called /nodes/list (POST) takes about 2.5 seconds when the request is being made from hosted retool, but ~120 ms when I make the request with postman locally.

I get that retool is adding a little overhead, but the difference between 120ms and 2.5 seconds seems too much to me.

The resource does use Oauth2 authentication, maybe this adds more overhead than expected?

Is there anyone else having the same experience? Is there something we can do to improve this performance?


On the resource i saw an option that overrides the default outbound Retool region to use the one in Europe (we are based in Europe). This shaved off 0.5 seconds, which helps. But the total request time is still too high i think.


We just looked at the timings of one of the requests. Most of the total time is spent on "transfer data" which seems out of our control.

We also tried hosting Retool ourselves. This solved the problem (saw request times of 300ms which is acceptable). While this solves the issue, hosting retool ourselves comes with significant extra costs which don't seem justifiable if this is the only problem it solves.

@Henk I'm curious how big is the response size of your requests? And for Oauth2 authentication, do you have a custom authentication refresh/validation rule on the resource config?