PDF FileDropzone Upload and PDF Viewer/Download Workflow - MySQL

Trying to figure out the correct workflow of uploading a single PDF through the FileDropzone component to MySQL and having it be visible/downloadable via the PDF component.

Tried uploading PDFs to two MySQL column types - blob and text. I feel like blob should be the correct way, but I can't get it to work.

When reading the blob object in retool, it's a buffered array with a ton of sub-arrays.

The bin file downloaded directly from the database (phpmyadmin) has this format, which seems correct:


I can get text to upload and show in the PDF component via this link. My submit form is using {{ fileDropzone1.value[0].base64Data }} to get just the string to the database. The PDF component is using 'File URL' with data:application/pdf;base64,{{ table1.selectedRow.proposalPDFtext }} which seems like a hack, but it works.

I just want to confirm that the text method is sound before I code this throughout.

Thanks for posting about this @nickroz1 Did you already move forward with this solution?

I see a few customers internally that are using the text workaround :slightly_smiling_face:

Otherwise, you might be able to cast the file data back into a usable format in your SQL query